To Sleep or Not to Sleep


It has been a week since we arrived in Las Vegas, hard to believe how fast time flies.  We've been getting used to our summer routines that involve a lot of swimming, drinking water and layers of sunscreen.  One thing we haven't managed to find a perfect rhythm with is sleep.  Unfortunately that means I have late nights and early morning leaving me with not much patience.  Me without patience is never a good thing when I have to keep calm, cool and collected taking care of the two kids and the dog.  I'm sure we aren't the first family to have this issue, or the last for that matter.  All I want to is stay in bed and sleep without being interrupted by a bleeding noise, overtired kids or a dog who wants to go outside and pee.  I'm beginning to wonder if I actually need sleep or my body can get used to a routine that is lacking in the sleep department.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I have to say I've considered starting to get less sleep as my regular routine but I can barely make it through the day.  The side effect for me besides having low patience, not functioning and always feeling tired is wicked headaches.  I know it sounds like I'm complaining but I wanted to share everything because maybe someone is going through the same thing and wants someone to understand or maybe someone out there can give me some good pointers to feel well rested again!

I believe in the power of thought and positive thinking.  I also believe that the last thought you have before you fall asleep sets the tone of the day when you wake up.  When I go to sleep I've started thinking of how I feel when I am fully rested, relaxed and full of energy.  I put all my energy into those feelings and just be in the moment, it has allowed me to wake up feeling better but then I hit the barrier in the middle of the day and things starting getting a little rough again.  I constantly remind myself that at any given moment I can control my thoughts, feelings and the way I react in a situation.  No excuses right!

I leave you with one thought – if you put the power of positive thinking into action what one thing would you change for the better in your life?


Now to sleep or not to sleep, that is my never ending dilemma!



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