Relive Your Memories with Canvas n Decor


I love technology, but there are some things that can never replace the memory a photo brings back.  I take pictures almost every day, but I don't have a photo album they just live on my phone or computer, I rarely even look at them anymore.  I remember growing up we had photo albums from every trip and pictures up on the wall and now I really miss that.  It might just be getting older and nostalgic, but I love looking at family photos and remembering all the fun we had.

Last year we went to Puerto Vallarta for Spring Break and had a blast!  It was the first family vacation that the four of us really connected and were able to take it all in and enjoy each others company.  No stress, no yelling and no schedule just doing what we wanted to do as a family.  I want to remember that feeling every day so I decided why not hang a photo that reminds us of that experience!

With Canvas n Decor you can turn any photo into art to display for everyone to see.  You can decide what photos you want from a panoramic canvas print to unstretched canvas prints you get your photo delivered to your door just the way you want it!

Relive Your Memories with Canvas n Decor

Relive Your Memories with Canvas n Decor

I ordered a 12×8 canvas of our family photo on the pirate ship excursion and love it!  I even removed the clock from the dining room so I could display it somewhere we sit as a family every day.

canvas n decor thickness

The canvas print I ordered was a landscape photo wrap 3/4″ thick it even has a hanging accessory mounted on the back for easy display!  I recommend using a high-resolution photo for the best results.

hanging accessory canvas

The kids liked it so much Dustin has now asked if he can move it to his room, so it looks like I'll be ordering another one soon.

Luckily Canvas n Decor has a crazy sale going on right now!  You can save 50% on the website, why not order 2 and give one away as a gift and save an additional 10%!  PLUS get free ground shipping in Canada (Yukon, NWT, Nunavut express only).  Your holiday list just got a lot shorter and you saved a ton of money at the same time.  Who doesn't love a family photo as a gift?

Don't let your photos live on your phone or computer display them!  Now we talk about that trip all the time and love reminiscing and hearing the joy in the kids voices, it is like reliving the experience every time, I love it.  Trust me you'll love a canvas print, they also make great gifts for the Grandparents!


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