I am proud to say that I am a Fit Fluential Ambassador!!
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What does that mean? I'm bringing you the newest information in fitness and sharing my journey along the way!

If you've been following me for some time now you probably know that I have a HUGE goal and that is to compete in a fitness show, not as a body building but in the figure category and I am working towards that goal every day.  I might get a little side tracked along the way but that's why I blog – TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  Do you have an accountability partner?  If you just said what's that or no then you NEED to get one now!  An accountability partner is going to make you stick to your goals when you are ready to quit and they're going to push you towards that next level that you've been working so hard to get to.

Now you're probably asking, what's the next step?


That's right you need to take action now towards your goals, there is no greater achievement then reaching your goals and you need to start by taking the first step!  Want to know how I started on a path to a better, healthier, and happier me?!  I'm the first one to admit it sometimes I feel lazy or unmotivated but by making simple changes in your life every day you'll eventually learn a new habit and wonder how you were able to function without it!  So here is my secret:

Try this great 7-minute workout from Dr. Oz! 7 Minute Morning Workout

I challenge you to do it first thing in the morning for a week, you'll notice a difference in your mood, flexibility, and alertness by the end of the week I promise you!  And after that who knows maybe you'll start with it in the morning and then expand from there.  I do it every morning when I get up early followed by 45 minutes on the elliptical at some point in the day.  I might not get to it each and every day but when I do I feel so ALIVE and like I can take on any obstacle in front of me.

I encourage you to take action today and invest in a healthier, happier you!

 I would LOVE to help you any way I can, feel free to contact me if you need extra support!

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