Prepping for Back To School – My Top 5 Summer Sanity Tips


This is the eighth post in My Top 5 Summer Sanity Tips!  Did you catch last week’s post on family camping trips?

Summer vacation is coming to an end that means back to reality where everything has a time and place and you can't just lounge all day.  Well at least that's what we do, summer for us since we sold our business is a time to let go and relax!  But then September hits and getting the kids back into a school routine after a relaxing summer is a challenge! The kids are used to staying home and enjoying long days of crafts, play dates and lounging around the house while Mom kicks back and puts up her feet. Taking some time to get back on a school schedule will be beneficial to you and the kids!

Summer Sanity Tips - Prepping for Back to School

Start Early

Start getting back on schedule weeks prior to the first day of school. This will let the kids slowly adjust to an earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up time. Make sure to wake the kids up every morning just like you would on a school day. By the time school starts they will be used to getting up earlier than normal.

This might be hard at first and you will need a lot of patience but remember this is only a trial run and everyone in the family needs to ease into the new routine.    I know for me dragging my butt out of bed and getting dressed before 8 in the summer is a chore so for a kid they are experiencing the exact same thing as us.  Remember you are strong and capable and can make it through anything, you've already survived child birth so it can't get much worse ;).

Get the Supplies & Clothes Ready

Don't stress over back to school clothes and supplies the weekend before school starts. The stores will be packed with last-minute shoppers and this will only add to your frustration. Start shopping before school starts to not only beat the rush but to keep your sanity. This will also give you time to grab anything that you forgot to buy.

I like to watch for sales on supplies in store flyers or keep an eye online at [amazon_link id=”B000Q5ZGIA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] or for the best deals shipped right to my door!  Yep I'm lazy like that and would rather just have it shipped directly to me, or maybe I just don't want to load the kids in the car and drag them into the store just to hear them complain the whole time, either way it saves me time and money!

What About Lunch?

Will your kids be eating lunch at school or taking their lunch? No right or wrong answer here, just make sure you have a game plan. If your kids will be taking their lunch start thinking about what items you need to purchase. If your children will be purchasing a school lunch, make sure you pay for their lunches before the first day of school. Some schools allow you to pay online.  Or if you need to pack a lunch every day get  into the habit of doing it at night so it is easy to grab and go.  There are some great online tools like emeals that will help you plan out lunches for the week including a grocery list so not only will you be organized but you can save money too!

Pack the Backpacks

In the days leading up to the first day of school, pack the backpack. Have your kids help you with this but make sure you have all necessary back to school items packed. You can also start helping the kids decide what they are going to wear on their first day of school.

Letting the kids help in preparing for the first day of school will really get them excited and anxious to get back in the classroom.

Establish A Routine

Back to school means back to a normal routine where bed time comes early and morning even earlier.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to relax at night and prepare for the day to come.  Allow things to flow that's how you will find the best routine for you and the kids.  I've written a few posts about routines that you might find helpful because I know they're a lot of work!

  1. Routines are a lot of work
  2. Make your day work for you not against you
  3. Organize your week 

To save fights in the morning we lay out Cheyenne's clothes the night before that she will be wearing.  Not only does this save us time but also saves us fighting about staying on schedule so we aren't late for school!

The most important thing to do when you try a new routine is to roll with it for a few weeks because there will be some hiccups at the start that you need to iron out but once you get over that it will be smooth sailing!  I find that with two young kids we are always adapting our routine to the changes in our schedules like holidays, traveling, visitors, work, and school.  If you are able to adapt to change it makes your life a lot easier and you can teach the kids how to handle change because as they grow older it will play a huge part in their adult lives.


That pretty much sums up my prepping for Back To School.  As the eighth and final post in the series of My Top 5 Summer Sanity Tips I hope in some way I provided you with sanity this summer!  Keep an eye out for another great series this fall!  Remember to keep things simple because we need our sanity too!  As a quick reminder my top 5 back to school tips are:

  1. Start Early
  2. Get the Supplies & Clothes Ready
  3. What About Lunch?
  4. Pack the Backpacks
  5. Establish a Routine

I would love to hear how you get read for the back to school rush!  Have some fun tips you want to share, I’d love to hear them.

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