No Wardrobe Is Complete without These 5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Women Should Own


Jewelry has adorned women since time immemorial and no woman of culture has ever gone anywhere willingly without at least one piece of jewelry gracing her body. With this in mind, have you ever wondered how some women just seem to look ‘so put together’ no matter where they are going or what they are doing? Fashion critics from around the world have come to a consensus that the reason some women just seem to have a certain charm at all times of the day is because of the jewelry they artfully wear. Whether you have infinite funds to add hundreds of pieces of fine gems to your collection or are simply looking for the minimum number of pieces you need to complete your look, here are five that every woman should own.

No Wardrobe Is Complete without These 5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Women Should Own

1. Earrings – Stud

The very first item you should add to your collection of ‘must have’ jewelry would be a fine pair of stud earrings. These are typically small and unimposing, not calling a great deal of attention but artful enough to be noticed. Stud earrings can usually be worn equally well at the office or out for an evening at the theater and can either be plain gold or embellished with delicate gems of some kind. Stud earrings should be the focal point around which your entire array of jewelry is built.

2. Rings

In many cultures rings take on special significance depending on what type of ring they are and where they are worn. A good example of this is the engagement ring and wedding band that is worn on the third finger of the left hand. Any ring worn on this finger in the United States signals that the woman is spoken for. It could be a simple promise ring and it could be a magnificent diamond ring but the key point here is in knowing what that ring signifies. Any unattached woman should still have at least one ring in her collection to carry the look of the earrings down to the hands.

3. Bracelets

There are many kinds of bracelets known to adorn the wrists of ladies around the world but perhaps one of the most versatile of all would be a delicate Tiffany tennis bracelet. This is usually one single line of gems, most often diamonds, which is both elegant and feminine. Some women prefer bangles, as many as they’d like to wear at the same time, while other ladies like a single bangle or two made of precious metal and often engraved with a diamond cut. Bracelets worn around the wrist add that extra air of femininity to a woman as she moves her arms when walking or speaking. There is nothing lovelier than a bracelet so this, for sure, is another must-have piece for your collection.

4. Earrings – Hoop or Drop

While stud earrings don’t call an undue amount of attention to your face, hoop or drop earrings are a bit large and they have the tendency to draw attention to a lady’s eyes and cheeks. Quite often dangle and drop earrings are worn with formal attire and many times these are crafted with diamonds, rubies or other particularly lovely gemstones. When looking to impress, hoop earrings are guaranteed to do the trick.

5. Necklace or Pendant

Finally, no lady’s collection of jewelry is ever complete without something to adorn her slender neck. Some ladies prefer necklaces while others simply choose to wear a simple chain with a delicate pendant hanging softly on her chest. Necklaces, when chosen well, can be worn at the office equally well as for an evening out but you certainly wouldn’t want to wear a chain of pearls for a daytime affair unless it was formal in flavor. A necklace is the perfect place to wear your birthstone and isn’t it nice when someone has the grace to ask which day of the month your birthday falls? It really is a pleasant surprise to be noticed in this way.

Since jewelry often has a symbolic meaning, it is wise to choose those pieces that speak to you. Some are embedded in cultural significance while others carry a specific message that is meant to be ‘read’ by anyone who notices that particular adornment. In India, for example, a married woman is expected to wear bangles and to go without is a sign of disrespect for both her husband and her culture. While jewelry isn’t so immersed in cultural significance in most Western cultures, there are definitely some pieces of jewelry every woman should own and wear proudly.

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