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I've been sharing a lot of my personal tips this month in hopes that it will help someone out there who is hoping to be a little more organized!  I know I can use the reminder on how to get organized and stay organized.  I find it so easy to slip out of routine and just start winging it because I think I know what's going on and what needs to be done.  In reality I am just not that good and need the help and having organization in each and every day help me stay sane.

One of the biggest differences I've noticed since we sold the store and I've become a full time at home Mom I need organization now more than ever.  You wouldn't think that life would get that busy when you're at home all day but it does, I think I'm busier now then when I was working in the store to be honest.  Not sure if it is just me getting older with less patience or if we actually are busier.  Either way I'm sharing my organization tip with you to help you get and stay organized!  By using this fun monthly calendar printable you'll bring back the sanity into your life (or at least I hope).

Let's Get Organized Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar Printable – Organization Tip

First step is printing this monthly calendar out and then grabbing a couple pens, highlighters and maybe even a ruler.  You might also want any family members schedules you have on hand so you can easily fit everyone on the schedule easily.  And grab a beverage and snack this might take a bit!

I break our family's monthly schedule into colored categories including:

  • Work (Frank and I we each get a color on the calendar to represent our schedules)
  • School (hot lunch, helper days, no school)
  • Kids (appts, sports, etc)
  • Meals (I only schedule our dinners)
  • Self Care (take some time for YOU)
  • Chores (by putting these on the calendar I actually remember, grab Chores for Kids printable)
  • Important (personal appts, field trips, bill payments)
  • Reminders (pick up mail, garbage day, etc)
  • Special Days (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries)

For each of these categories I color code them with either a highlighter or color of pen so I can quickly see who needs to be where and when they need to be there.  I've tried doing it all in black and that just confuses me too much I need the colors it makes it easier to differentiate at a glance.  But that's just me so try whatever works for you!  I've put a little block on the calendar so you can easily color code it.

After you have that figured out all you have to do is set up your month and fly at it!  I hole punch these pages and put them in my personal binder that is the be all end all of organization in my life.  And that's my tip for this week!  I hope you find the monthly calendar printable as useful as I do!

What's your best tip to staying organized?


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