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Recently I realized that math is going to be a huge part of our homework sessions.  Trying to find a fun way to make math and homework easy was going to be a challenge.  I remember having trouble lining up numbers as a kid, maybe because my printing was messy or I just didn't didn't care, that's why this printable was born.

Math is Fun was designed to help the kids learn about columns in math and keeping their numbers in line.  Clearly seeing a problem is the easiest way to find the solution.


math is fun printable

Math is Fun Printable – School Tips and Tricks

You can easily download this math is fun printable by clicking on the image or HERE!  Cheyenne likes it because it is easy to see the columns and she knows where to find her 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s!  The downloadable file is blank, I just wanted to use the image as an example of what you could do with this.  You can use this for any level of math from addition to multiplication.

I hope you enjoy this fun school tips and tricks!

What resources do you use to make homework fun?

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