How to Make Big Family Events More Memorable



If all of your family reunions, holiday celebrations and birthdays are starting to run together in your memories, now is a great time to start including new ideas to make the events more memorable. Big family events take considerable planning, and you can incorporate these ideas into the planning process. These four ideas will help you and your extended family to make your next gathering one that you will remember for a lifetime.

Have a Great Master of Ceremonies

A great master of ceremonies (MC) to keep things moving helps everyone to have a great time. The MC can introduce new members of the family and share some of the new things that have happened in the past year, such as marriages, births and graduations. The MC can also share funny anecdotes about the attendees.

Custom Shirts

If you are having your gathering at a place where others will also be, consider having custom screen-printed t-shirts made. Professionals such as Absolute Screen Printing can print up shirts to mark the occasion. Choose a design or draw your own and include the family name, year and type of event. Each time you wear the shirt, you will remember all of the fun that you had.

Give Out Cameras

Buy some disposable point-and-shoot cameras or encourage everyone to bring their own digital camera or smartphone. Direct everyone to a single site to upload their photos. Having multiple perspectives of the event allows you to build a great photo album. You can then have the photos printed into a book and give the books to family members as birthday or holiday gifts.

Plan Social Activities

No matter how close your family is, there will likely be people there who do not know the others as well as they would like to. Try a scavenger hunt with categories such as finding someone who works as a teacher or someone who is a twin. You could also create designations or awards for milestones such as the oldest attendee, the longest married couple or the person who drives the oldest car.


Big family events are a wonderful way to celebrate your heritage and the close bonds you have as a family. With these ideas, you can continue to enjoy the celebration months or even years afterward. Whether you choose one or all of these ways of making your next big event more memorable, you will be certain to have a delightful time.

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