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Wow, I can't tell you how fast time is flying by already.  It is crazy to think we're almost at the middle of May!  In just a few days we'll be heading on a road trip to Calgary for LEGO® KidsFest, Cheyenne will be 8 and the end of school is near.  I have to ask myself what have I been up to lately because it seems like I have been doing a horrible job at writing and sharing REAL content here.  So I sat down this morning, since I was up at 5:30, thanks to my lovely three year old Dustin, and made a list.  I have to say I should be celebrating my accomplishments instead of getting down on myself for not doing anything.


Life As A Busy Mom

So far in May I have had some fun things happen!!  First there was the awesome #momhookup twitter party!  Mommy's Weird and I went all out for it we had videos and 60 prizes, it was a blast and I can't wait to team up with her again.

After that I was busy playing catch up because I had poured so much time into throwing an amazing party that trended in under 5 minutes that I had forgot about a few things.  Those things include my contributions over at Yahoo, Mama Needs A Vacation and FUSE retreats.  I know crazy right.  On top of that I've been at a couple more fun twitter parties hosted by FitFluential and PTPA!  I didn't realize all the great people I had connected with this past month until I sat down and wrote it out.  I am truly amazed at all the opportunities that have opened up for me lately including all the amazing giveaways going on at Real Momma right now!  So that's my blogging life, now my Mom life.

Cute hey! But I am pretty biased 😉 .  I had one sick girlie for almost a week and I was lucky enough to get some cuddle time and quality movie watching done with her.  I think the hardest part about being a Mom is you don't have an instant cure for your kids when they're sick or hurt.  Dustin's new favorite movie with week is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Around the Clubhouse World!  We've seriously watched it about 50 times so far and I have to admit it is really good.  Other than that its just been school, sleepovers with Mom while Daddy's at work and Cheyenne moved up to Wolf Cub at Scouts!   Oh and how could I almost forget they started their own blog – Kid Corner! Now for me.

Hallmark Mothers Day Card

Hallmark surprised me with a Mother's Day card!  I know I am one lucky Mom.  My sister moved out of our house and in with a  friend of hers, it is nice to have just us and the kids at the house now but we'll all miss her being here every day.  I got a surprise package in the mail from Softlips, Deep Relief  and OXY that brightened my day a little and I was able to give some of their products away at the #momhookup twitter party!  I'm a week into my new health and fitness routine and I'm finally feeling a little better about my body and well on my way to losing those extra pounds I put on.  And that's about as exciting as my life gets, lol.

surprise for me life as a busy mom

I can't wait to open the crafts from the kids tomorrow!  I'm sure they have something fun in store they always seem to.  What have you been up to this May?  I would love to hear from you.

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Have a fantastic Mother's Day!



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  1. We’ve hardly had a moments rest since getting back in April. I have something planned almost every day until Labour Day Monday. So much to do, so little time.

    I’m trying to take a minute here and there to relax and enjoy. Life is short.

    Looking forward to hearing about your fitness regime successes.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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