Hello Laura, This is You Talking!


Have you ever had one of those gut wrenching moments that you couldn't describe to anyone but you just knew?! You knew that deep down you were making a decision that would impact you in a way that you either were really ready for or you really weren't. And right now was the time to make the decision on what path you were going to take.  Well I had one of those over the past few days and I finally had my “lightbulb” moment.

So I have been contemplating taking a fabulous trip with my daughter over the past 4 weeks now and had an opportunity at the end of February to take it and things just weren't right then. It almost left this unfinished business with me so I have been thinking about it ever since and with spring break right around the corner and a time where she wouldn't miss school I thought, perfect moment!  Well think again.  So I had this vision in my head of us going and wanted to make it happen but when it came down to finding the flights (which was super easy and almost a breeze), making the necessary travel arrangements, and planning our stay I got this feeling.  I can't describe it in words but it made me feel really anxious and almost to the point of getting sick, it was one of those “hello Laura welcome aboard, please fasten your seatbelt this is going to be a bumpy ride.  This is your inner you speaking and you have to listen…or else” moments.  I talked about it with my coach, I talked about it with my husband, I asked every person that walked through the door into the house today.  All of them with similar answers, “why not just go for it” or “what is making you feel this way?”.  I couldn't bring the feeling to words or describe it but I just knew it didn't feel right.  There may never be an explanation like the plane crashing I was suppose to take, or a house landing on me while I'm there (I may be the wicked witch but let's get real are there really flying houses), but I WILL know and I AM the one who has to live with my choices and I want it to feel GOOD and FUN like it was meant to be and not like its work.

Looking back on it only a few hours after saying, “ok, show me the way”, and just letting it be and ok with my decision on letting it go for now I have to say what a better time then NOW to listen to me, after all isn't that what my 90 day challenge is?  I am reconnecting with the inner ME and knowing who I AM!  So I decided to be happy for no reason tonight and to just enjoy the moment.

So my question to you is, have you ever had one of those gut wrenching you gotta burning feeling inside but you just don't know how to explain it? And if you have did you listen to that feeling?  Do you think that experience has changed your perception on events in any way?


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