Why Girls Rule and Boys are Jealous #IAMNERFREBELLE


This weekend Cheyenne hosted a sleepover party like no other thanks to Nerf Rebelle!  I can't tell you how excited the girls were when they walked in the door let alone the Dad's when they asked for help setting up all their new gear.  The afternoon went from a girls only zone to a full out battlefield in the backyard with girls vs. Dads!  I can't tell you have fun it was to watch them create new memories together that will last for years to come.


I Am Nerf Rebelle Party!

Around our house girls can keep up with the boys and at times we make them jealous at our superb skills.  We never take no for an answer and we're always up for the next challenge.  That's one of the reasons why we loved the Nerf Rebelle lineup so much because it is geared towards girls with the bright pink and purple and fun designs.  It's fun hearing the boys ask for permission to use our toys for a change!

NERF REBELLE brand is designed to empower players with confidence, high performance action, and a stylish edge, all while inspiring girls to think and play differently!

I am nerf rebelle

We had 24 hours of fun, target practice and capture the shovel (because a flag is just boring)!  Imaginations really were in full force for a day of fun.  No matter what the age 4 to 40 everyone joined in the fun and are now all big fans of the Nerf Rebelle products.

I am Nerf Rebelle Arsenal

Whether you're shooting the Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Agent Bow or the Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Messenger

Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Agent Bow

Or just posing for the camera…

nerf rebelle posing for the camera

Nerf Rebelle will get the kids outdoors, feeling more confident and actually getting along!  That's on top of the amazing products (trust me I'm not just saying that) the arrows literally shot at least 70 feet straight across the yard and the automatic guns well let's just say I might have a few welts.  The Nerf Rebelle line is definitely geared towards the tween girls but stands up to the critical eye of Dad's!  They did say that safety glasses were a must if you're shooting towards each other in a capture the shovel game.

girls vs boys nerf rebelle

The favorite gun was the triple barrel “entry level” (as the girls describe it) because it doesn't take batteries, you could easily shoot three of by just cocking the pin again and it was light and easy to carry.  A fun feature added to the Nerf Rebelle line is secret messages and a decoder, the girls were always too busy creating new games or hitting targets to really but it to the test but it was fun writing messages and decoding them in secret!

making the boys jealous nerf rebelle

Make the boys jealous by showing them how much girls rule and join in the Nerf Rebelle fun!

I am STRONG, CONFIDENT and PROUD…I am Nerf Rebelle!

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Hasbro and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. My daughter feels empowered when she is able to get her brother to work with us when he is having a difficult moment. He is older then her and has down syndrome with many other medical issues that cause many barriers resulting in him completely shutting down. She is the only one who can get him going again, and when she does, the look of complete empowerment is all over her!

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