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No it really isn't Me In A Tree, it is an online program that you need to check out!  It is called Me In A Tree and it is a family interactive website that gets your family talking and doing more activities together.  The site is still in its beta stage but pretty amazing so far.  The best part is it is FREE!!

What my family loves about it is the family huddle, it gives you a chance to communicate with each other in a controlled atmosphere.  You're given rules the main one being “what is said in the huddle stays in the huddle” so everyone can communicate openly without the fear of being in trouble.  The program prompts you through a great discussion including highs and lows of the week, scheduling family activities, and family fun topics to talk about.  At the end the family is given a challenge for the week to complete.  Our latest challenge is pick a book and read it together this week.

We haven't explored the calendar yet but plan on doing that soon.  Right now we use google calendar and Me In A Tree can sync with it so that is a good thing for us!  During the huddle you can schedule in family activities, date night, volunteering, and kids & parent programs.

Cheyenne, who is 6, loves the family huddle and wants to do it every day which is fine with us!  It lets you set a time limit of 30, 45, or 60 minutes but we are usually done in about 15-20.  She loves talking and sharing, her favourite part is the challenge and scheduling the next huddle.  The program is easy for her to navigate through and it reads most of the items to her so she doesn't have to struggle with it or have one of us help her.  She also spent time designing each family members avatar, she even wants to have the site bookmarked on her computer so she can check in with it.

As parents the site is great it has cute questions we can all talk about and gives everyone the opportunity to share.  The site is also full of great parenting resources and has a lot of things in the works like my duties, goals, allowance, and tree vault I can't wait to see what the additional applications offer.

We are off to have an adventure today, then a fiesta, followed by family game night but we had to start the morning with a huddle so I thought I would share this with all of you.  If my daughter is this excited about it then maybe it can help your families get closer together as well!



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