Family Law: How a Divorce Can Change Everything for Your Family


Families are typically stable units that provide a consistent routine and a comfortable environment for all members of the family. With a divorce, the entire family is ripped apart, and each member of the family must undergo significant change in various ways. With a closer look at how divorce changes everything for your family, you will be better prepared for the changes in store for you.

The Familiarity of Surroundings
With a divorce, at least one of the parents will move out of the family home. In many cases, both parents will be forced to move out, and the house will be sold. It may simply be unaffordable to keep the family home, or the home must be sold so that financial assets can be properly divided. When this happens, at least one of the parents will need to adjust to a new living space. The kids will also spend at least a portion of their time in a new home as well. This may include adjusting to the new space as well as a new neighborhood, furniture and more.

The Adjustment of a Regular Routine
Most families have a very well-established routine. Everyone knows what time they get up, what they will likely eat, who will drive the kids to their various destinations, what time they go to bed and more. With divorce, the parents must alter the routine. One parent will do most of the providing for the kids, and the other parent may have much more free time. The kids will also need to adjust to different routines in each household.

The Financial Changes

The family together is accustomed to a specific lifestyle, but when the family is split apart, that same level of income must be used to support two homes. In many cases, the income available in each of the new homes is not even. Both parents will have to make financial adjustments, and one often needs to adjust to a far less comfortable lifestyle. This can affect the kids as well. They may no longer be able to afford luxuries that they are accustomed to. A lawyer from a firm like Oxner + Permar, LLC. can answer your questions about an equitable division of assets so that you do not lose money unnecessarily through the divorce.

As you can see, divorce can be a major upheaval for all members of the family. By understanding more about the effects, you may be able to prepare yourself for the next few months to come.


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