Chicken Souvlaki Recipe with Olympic Yogurt


The mountains, the people and the entrepreneurial spirit are just a few things I love about the West Coast!  I’m always trying something that was made locally in B.C. and I have never been disappointed.  When I found out Olympic products are made local in Delta B.C. with 100% natural ingredients and fresh milk from cows who live close to their dairies, I started dreaming up recipes that I could try.

Chicken Souvlaki Recipe with Olympic Yogurt

Chicken Souvlaki Recipe with Olympic Natural Yogurt


Chicken Souvlaki is a favourite recipe of mine because the chicken is full of delicious flavour and is super moist.  I like the Olympic Natural Yogurt in this recipe because it contains no gelatins, no gluten and no preservatives, like all of their products.  I always have Greek or souvlaki seasoning in the cupboard so this recipe can be thrown together in minutes.

Chicken Souvlaki Ingredients

Chicken Souvlaki Ingredients


  • 1 pound chicken cutlets
  • ½ cup Olympic Natural Plain Yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons souvlaki seasoning, you can make your own with these seasonings:
    • 2 teaspoon Greek oregano, 1 teaspoon thyme, 1 teaspoon dried minced garlic, ½ teaspoon rosemary, ½ teaspoon dill, ½ teaspoon lemon zest, pinch of salt and cinnamon

Chicken Souvlaki Marinating

Chicken Souvlaki Directions


  1. combine the Olympic Natural Yogurt and souvlaki seasoning
  2. smother the chicken cutlets with the yogurt marinade and let it sit for a minimum of two hours
  3. Heat a pan with your favourite oil (I love coconut) and pan fry chicken until cooked thoroughly
  4. Serve the Chicken Souvlaki with your favourite sides


When we make Greek meals at home, yogurt is a staple ingredient. It makes everything rich and creamy from adding a tablespoon in salad dressings to homemade tzatziki sauce with cucumbers, dill, mint, lemon juice and garlic.


Watch the video to learn about Good nature. Good people. Good yogurt.


Whatever you’re creating in the kitchen, think about using Olympic Yogurt in your recipes, it might just be your secret ingredient that everyone is dying to know!


You should also browse the Olympic website to see their new packaging and products that are B.C. Good.



Although this post has been generously sponsored by Olympic, the opinions and language are my own.



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