Bring Hope to the Children of Africa!


GOSESO: Bridging Human and Wildlife Prosperity is bringing you the information on their latest campaign, make sure to stop by their Indiegogo campaign for more information.  Enjoy the post!

Act Now to Bring Hope to Africa!!!

Conservation. Education. Community.

For every $1 you contribute, we receive a direct match.

100% ROI! Help us meet our goal!

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Bring Hope to the children of Africa!

 Bring Hope to the children of Africa!

GOSESO, an environmentally-conscious school and village outreach project in Eastern Africa, in the heart of the Kitobe Forest in Tanzania, thrives in one of the poorest places on earth, surrounded by the joy of those who live there, the beauty of the surroundings, and the growing partnership between community and the environment. Yet, threats to the environment and the lack of education stem from enduring poverty throughout the region. With your help, we can end severe poverty in Tanzania, providing education that serves academic needs as well as lifelong respect and love for the surrounding environment and wildlife – ensuring a better life for all.

There is so much to be gained by helping the people of Tanzania. Lush forests. Immense fresh water lakes. Amazing, endangered species. Education for children. Knowledge that spans from village to village, creating new ways to farm and feed families that enhance rather than harm the local environment. Your support today helps to overcome systemic problems throughout Africa.

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