It’s A Boy: 4 Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Room


Having a baby is an exciting time, especially when you can finally learn what the gender is. If you've just found out you're going to be lucky parents to a baby boy, the first thing on your mind might be decorating the nursery. While most people think there are limited options for boy's rooms, that's actually not true. There are many incredible ways you can decorate your son's nursery so it's a cute and welcoming space for him when he finally arrives. Some of the top tips for decorating include:

Plan Your Design First

Heading to the home decor store is a recipe for over-buying and over-spending. To ensure a design that flows and fits in with your ideas, draw it out before you shop. Measure out the room, roughly sketch it on a piece of paper, and go from there (there are also free websites that let you design a room for free). After that, you can write down furniture, decorations, and extras you want to place in the nursery.

Tip: If you're not sure what design you want for your son's room, look for inspiration online. You'll find lots of ideas and pictures from blogs, home magazines, and more.

Don't Stick with Traditional

While it's certainly okay to paint your boy's room blue, it's not something you must do! Traditions have changed over the years and more parents are choosing to paint boy nurseries many other colors. Living in an apartment? Don't paint at all. Use vinyl wall decor and picture frames to liven up the room without all the permanency. Have fun, be bold, and make your own decoration traditions.

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Choose Unique Decorations

There are a lot of creative and unique decorations you can make or even find with just a little bit of time and effort. For example, what if you wanted to do a car theme in your son's room? Instead of using toy car decorations, you could turn a used car part into a really unique piece of decor.

Find a Comfortable Rug

Your baby boy will spend a lot of time on the floor as he begins to grow up and learn to crawl, so it's important to find a soft and cushy rug. Most moms recommend to invest in one that's dark or patterned in order to hide any stains (which are inevitable). Stripes tend to be a favorite for boy nurseries.

When it finally comes time to decorate your little boy's nursery, don't forget to have fun! There are no set rules when designing, meaning you don't have to paint the room blue or even go with a typical theme. Try doing something that expresses your style and it's very likely that you'll enjoy the process that much more.


Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. For used car parts to use in decorations, Emma suggests U Pull & Pay. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2


  1. Hello, Wow so nice ideas to make baby room beautiful. Selection of the right design should be according to our baby favorites. Mostly all kids are the cartoon lover. In my opinion cartoon themes based design are the best for baby room. Thanks!

  2. Hello Laura, I loved your blog. All your tips are so true and helpful. We are always confused for our baby’s room. My sister recently gave birth to a baby boy. I will surely discuss all your ideas with her. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely blog.

  3. Charlotte Lindsay on

    Great ideas, it is always important to have a game plan before you start purchasing pieces for a room otherwise you tend to end up with an un-cohesive room. One of my favorite trends for baby boy’s rooms in 2017 is to create a pallet wood accent wall. It brings a sense of maturity to the room, is inexpensive to create, and is a more masculine.

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