A Quick Hello Because I’m Back!


Well life is what you call busy, as usual.  Really not much has changed for me.  We took a small time out to escape to Mexico to meet up with some family and do a little work with a LOT of play!!

I took that opportunity to reconnect with me.  I know a little selfish but I saw it as a pause in life to come back to a new beginning.  But that didn't come easy there was a lot of planning that went into it for me.  I had to talk with my life coach, Lora from Rock Your Yoga Biz and do some meditation on it but in the end I knew it was the best decision EVER!

I had a plan to journal every morning and do a little game I called “playing with the universe” were I put a feeling out there and waited to see what the universe had to deliver.  For me that was a huge breakthrough because normally everything is planned for me.  Yes, I am anal retentive at times and I don't know how my husband puts up with me but when I have fun and let go I HAVE FUN.  Probably more fun than anyone around because when I let go it is a party no matter who is around.

I have to say a few of my highlights were seeing how I could let go and just go with it.  For me that is a huge breakthrough and I have been working on that for years now.  It might not seem like it from someone looking in but for me that is huge.  I am used to change but to have fun and let go that is another thing.  Also, I don't know if I have ever shared but I am Canadian and Frank (husband) is American and we have a lot of differences, mostly in my speech.  I like to think because I have proper grammar and he isn't used to it but really I think it is a just a difference of annunciation. Frank likes it when I say things like fouton, battery, and garage because its funny.  Really do I care?  Nope.  I honestly don't even see this as a form of humiliation because I'm not huge on speech – as you can probably tell by my blogging.  Oh and the Canadian words like toque, Quesnel, and skiff are always a big hit.

I had an amazing journey to reconnecting with myself and I have so much to share but need to play a little catch up on life first.  So here is to talking with you soon!


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