3 Reasons To Grow Your Own Salad


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Salads make great summer meals and are a tasty addition to your lunch box or dinner table any time of the year. Whether you’re having a Turkey, Apple and Kale Grain Salad or a Buffalo Chicken Salad they make the perfect meal or side dish. Adding a few salads to your weekly meal plan is an easy way to increase your consumption of leafy greens.

3 Reasons To Grow Your Own Salad

An excellent way to always have fresh lettuce on hand is to grow your own.  It’s a lot easier than you think and you can quickly get started.  Here are three reasons why you should grow your own salad.

It Tastes Better

This might be obvious, but nothing beats homegrown, the salads just taste better. It is fresh, it has been grown in good soil, and it hasn’t been treated.  You know exactly what you’re putting into your salad, and it can’t get any fresher.

If you haven’t had fresh, homegrown lettuce before, you’re in for a treat. If you need a little more convincing get your hands on some fresh lettuce from a gardening friend or your local farmers market. You’ll be ready to grow your own after the first bite.

You Control The Quality And Variety

Just like with anything homemade when you grow your produce you’re in control.  From the soil you use to the seeds you plant, you pick the varieties you want to grow, giving you endless options.

Grocery store produce varieties are grown for easy and uniform growth and longer shelf-life. Flavor and nutrition aren’t the main concerns. The opposite is true when you grow your own. You can pick varieties that taste fantastic, but may not last more than a few hours in the fridge after you harvest them.

It’s Healthier

Homegrown salad will be a lot healthier. Nutrients quickly start to deteriorate after produce is harvested. When you grow your own, you can go from soil to table in less than an hour. It doesn’t get any fresher than that, resulting in more vitamins in your food and fewer chemicals.

What’s in your favorite salad?

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